Thursday, April 16, 2009

My buddy Alex Funderburk and I decided to do a little switcheroo. He is making me a zombie to give my husband for his birthday. In return, I made him a collage filled with things he likes, such as battle cats, goat heads, gargoyles, and panties.

Alex loves World of Warcraft. After leveling his Undead Rogue, Satyricon, to 80, he started some new characters. He currently has an Undead Mage, Gahl, among others. But I like it best when he talks about his Blood Elf, Holy Wars, and his Hammer of Justice. How did I find out Alex had this dirty little secret? One day I overheard him say "I slayed a bunch of centaurs last night..."

Alex has an art show at The World Gallery in Costa Mesa on May 30th.

Here is what I made for him. Scroll down to see the zombie he made me!

close up:

Here is the zombie he made me:

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TheShoeGirl said...

amazingness. as uje.