Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My friend Todd owns a really cool clothing company called Toddland. He was approached by a store called Icons of Surf in San Clemente to do a special store display, and he asked me to help him. He bought a sideboard and hutch from the thrift store (a steal - only $10 for the sideboard and $5.99 for the hutch!), we drew up some plans, and got to work. I spent a good portion of this past weekend in my garage painting and contact papering the pieces. This morning, Todd delivered it to Icons of Surf and put it together.

And now all together:

Here it is being put to use!

Toddland is available online at the Toddland website, as well as Urban Outfitters (in store and online), Fred Segal, and a handful of other places, which now includes Icons of Surf in San Clemente.