Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Marnie Weber

A while back, this fella I know had this amazing picture of 2 people dressed up like poodles with balloons. It looked like it was probably taken in the 60s or 70s. I was searching online for some sign of the picture because I wanted to know more about it. And instead I found this artist Marnie Weber.

From the looks of her website, she does just about everything, but what I really liked were the costumes and photos. They are super creepy, but in a way that I like. You know, that way that makes you feel kind of like “eeeeehhhhhhh...” (and side-shuffle away cautiously). Not like rapist-creepy.

I remember as a kid I would watch “Land of the Lost” and there was this lo-fi quality about it that made it seem so creepy to me. When the sleestacks came on, I would get totally scared, but I would try not to be a wusslord. I felt the same way about any show with weird puppets. I also remember as a really little kid, I liked playing with dolls, but at night I would make my mom put them in her closet because I was afraid they would come to life. That’s kind of how this stuff makes me feel!

And finally, if there's one thing I like, it's costumes. I just flat-out love that one of her mediums is making costumes, whether they serve a purpose or not.

I still never found the poodle people, but I think after I found Marnie’s website I stopped looking.

*Update: I just got totally schooled! While I was waiting for images to upload for this post, I did some more browsing on Marnie Weber and found out that she did the album artwork for the Sonic Youth album "A Thousand Leaves"... could this get any better?! AND apparently she is kind of a bad-ass who has been in like a gazillion bands, including one called The Spirit Girls. She is probably some sort of legend that I am just behind the times on.


Bucca said...

wow those are some cool shots! great costumes :)

Camella said...

OMG those costumes--so creepy awesome. SHIT. You just blew my mind!!!!