Friday, September 10, 2010

Eating out: ECCO in Costa Mesa

ECCO opened a couple of months ago at The Camp in Costa Mesa. We ate lunch there today. It was super yummy! My favorite was the fig and guanciale pizza.


Fig and Guanciale pizza (with basil, pesto, fresh mozarella, goat cheese and arugula). Guanciale is a type of Italian bacon.

Mushroom pizza (with fontina, taleggio, thyme, and white truffle oil)

Linguini and Salmon

Veggie pizza

Prosciutto pizza

Blood orange martini

Dessert menu!

2937 Bristol, Suite A103

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Danny Riddell said...

I LOVE THOSE PIZZAS!! It just makes me feel so hungry now. Hmm.. What if I take my wife to an Italian or Mexican restaurant later? I'm sure, she'll be surprised. It's been a month since I haven't asked her for a date.