Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello my beautiful babies (Conan, anyone?)

Here is the sitch...

I started this blog in 2007 as a place to post all the miscellaneous artsy fartsy stuff I was working on. These days I feel like I am too busy to fully engross myself in something like a painting, so I rarely have anything new to post. I like having an ongoing project, and I still want to post about miscellaneous stuff. A few of my friends requested that I just post anything I’ve got going on. So here I am starting fresh!

Now I have a place to post all the random stuff I like, do, see, etc. It’s more for my own personal enjoyment, but if you like it too, then that’s rad.


Caposhi said...

For whatever reason ALL of your posts came through my blog reader today, starting with this one! This is something to be excited about though :]

I saw your blog a whiiiile back and it inspired me to create my own! Glad to see you'll be back a blogging!
{ LOVE your work! love love love it! every time I see your pieces it reminds me HOW much I need to get back into artsing! lazy me! }

xoxo - Anastajia

kelly ♥ said...

I just read this! It made me so happy! Thanks for the encouraging words, I needed them! :)