Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eating out: Blackmarket Bakery open house pt. 1

Blackmarket Bakery in Irvine is having an open house on Saturday, October 30th. I went to their last open house, and it was really cool. Barcelona OnTheGo food truck was there, and the bakery itself was offering all sorts of free samples, which is the perfect way to hook you. One of my favorites was their focaccia, which they make with wine flour. It had such a great texture. This time around, Dogzilla, Piaggio on Wheels, and The Burnt Truck will be there. They will also be having hourly drawings.

Blackmarket Bakery stands out, to me, because of the fact that they have both sweet and savory baked goods. Most bakeries I’ve been to in Orange County only have sweets, and I’m not even sure they all bake them on site. I’ve eaten many a cookie that tasted stale and mass produced at so-called bakeries. But that is not the case with Blackmarket Bakery. There you will find all sorts of fresh cookies, brownies, breads, scones, focaccia pockets (kind of like fancy hot pockets!), and even marshmallows, pastas, and baking supplies. Cakes are made to order. Another thing that stands out is that they offer classes! If I had time, I would SO be into this.

And, a very important quote from their website: “...we believe in using only all natural ingredients. In our shop you will not find any artificial flavors, flavoring compounds, preservatives or shortening. The only exception is food coloring, used in the icing for our quirky decorated shortbread. We like using real ingredients to flavor our baked goods!”

I give a great big kudos to Blackmarket Bakery for bringing something unique to Orange County.

Find Blackmarket Bakery in Irvine at 17941 Sky Park Circle, Ste. E, and on Saturdays at the Irvine Farmer’s Market.

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