Friday, October 8, 2010

Organic Designs by Aggelige / Luna Reece

(image above from

There's a really cute airstream-trailer-turned-shop at The Camp in Costa Mesa called Organic Designs by Aggelige (how you pronounce that is beyond me). The shop specializes in all things succulents. I love succulents. Mainly because they are the only plants I can keep alive, but also they feel very distinctly Californian to me, and they look great in modern design.

Last time I visited, there were a lot of cute ceramics done by artist Andrea Luna Reece, an OC local. I bought a little mustard-colored deer.
These images from Redefine Home Store show some of the other cool stuff she makes. That link will take you to all of her products.

(images above from Redefine Home Store)

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