Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toddland Holiday 2010

My friends at Toddland out-do themselves every season. Toddland's 2010 Holiday line offers everything from flannels and Cosby-esque sweaters, to wallets, giant gummy bears, and walking sticks. Walking sticks?! Hamburger wallets, french fry wallets, awesome cardigans, and "the greatest pants in the universe". Are you tired of seeing chicks wearing sweat pants emblazoned with words across their asses? Toddland's answer - sweat pants with the word "WAFFLES" written down the leg. That's way cooler.

If you have a dude in your life that you need to buy a gift for, look no further. A lot of this stuff (tees, cardigans) even looks great on a girl if you order a smaller size. Here are some of their offerings. Check them out for yourself at their online store. If anything, at least visit the online store to read the product descriptions, some of which I have included with the photos!

a picture is worth a thousand words. an intarsia picture of aliens abducting camels and building the pyramids on your sweater is worth your first born. but only if its a male.

"smile!" the photographer said. but there were no smiles left in percy the cat that day. after nobody showed up to his birthday gala, he realized being the only cat in school who wore clothes DID make him pretentious.

This is a 5 lb. gummy bear.

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