Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eating out... or in?: Chef Deborah Schneider of SOL Cocina

I am fortunate enough to work somewhere really cool. Every year we have a holiday breakfast. This year, Chef Deborah Schneider of SOL Cocina in Newport Beach cooked for us. It was not only the best tasting holiday breakfast we’ve ever had, but the best tasting breakfast I have ever had, period.
Left: Chef Deb, Right: Papas "Papi" - fried breakfast potatoes & onions smothered in melted cheese, crema, bacon, pork chorizo, serrano chilies , green onions and pico de gallo.

Seasonal fruit platter.

Left: bacon and chorizo. Right: mango mimosas being poured.

SOL Chilaquiles Verde - corn tortillas sautéed in medium-spicy tomatillo salsa with queso fresco, topped with Huevos Mexicanos, crema, cotixa cheese & onions, served with Bacon & Chorizo on the side.

The best damn scrambled eggs I have ever tasted.

Souffle Carlotta - SOL’s version of French toast – rich & creamy bread pudding spiked with Patron Citronage & lemon zest, butter sautéed & drizzled with organic agave syrup, topped with mango, berries, vanilla whipped cream, almonds & powdered sugar.

Chef Deborah Schneider's website
SOL Cocina
251 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Beach


L.R. said...

Oh my god... You're so lucky! That looks amazing! I looove bread pudding and what was in those eggs?

kelly ♥ said...

All sorts of stuff! Chiles, tomatoes, cheese, and she served them with warm corn tortillas. I topped 'em off with some chorizo. Perfect timing with the end of our contest :)