Thursday, December 16, 2010

toddland + the motherland

Toddland is a clothing company started by my friend Todd. Todd's mom is so cute. She now calls herself "Motherland". She lives in Michigan, and shipped us homemade caramel popcorn! I got my very own!

Here I am enjoying it... A LOT. Thanks Motherland!

Last night was the Toddland Festivus Feast of Meats. Or holiday dinner. Whatever. It was at Northwoods Inn in La Mirada. If you live in Southern California, you have probably seen this place and wondered what the heck it was. It's a log cabin-looking building with a fake snow-topped roof right off the 5 freeway at the Valley View exit. It's a kitschy lumberjack wonderland, with sawdust and peanut shells on the floor.

(I tried to save space by putting the pics side by side. You can click them to see them bigger.)

Here are some more pictures from dinner.

For some reason, Todd brought one of the Toddland 5-pound Gummy Bears, and I had no idea why it was there. Until it was time for dessert!

Left: Paul proudly holds his creation - the packaging for the 5 lb. gummy bear! 
Right: Todd operates.

Ewan always wanted to bite the ear off of one of these guys.

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