Monday, January 31, 2011

Eating out: Haven Gastropub

I wish I would have been taking pictures of food at Haven all this time, because I've almost worked my way through their entire menu. Instead, these pictures from Saturday night will have to do. I ordered the ceviche, but my favorite thing on the table was the seasonal mushroom risotto.

Mac 'n' Cheese (black truffles, gruyere, fontina, parmesan)


Right: My favorite Haven cocktail so far - the Lemon Basil Gimlet.

Left: Fries. Right: Brussels sprouts with prosciutto and lemon.

Left: Haven burger (pickled red onions, roasted red bell peppers, wild arugula, St. Agur cheese) with fries and housemade ketchup. Right: Seasonal mushroom risotto (farro, mushrooms, truffle salt, chevre)

Left: Sassafrass (Gin, fresh blueberries and strawberries, serrano chile)

Shephard's Pie (lamb, beef, root vegetables, cream, rosemary mashed potatoes, cheese)
Left: Bread pudding with salted butter caramel ice cream.

Haven Gastropub is located at the Orange Circle.
190 South Glassell Street
Old Towne Orange, CA 92866


Hiland. said...

My buddy just did a OC burger tour and recommended this place to me. Seeing that Mac & Cheese lets me know I'll be there soon.

kelly ♥ said...

Really! Interesting. Do you know what his top picks were?

Kyle and I tried to do something similar. He works at Barnes & Noble and one day saw an issue of Orange Coast magazine that had the “best burgers in OC” and we decided we needed to try all of them. We only tried like 3 though. The latest issue has the “best pizza in OC” and now he’s convinced we have to go through that list too :)

Haven also has a lamb burger that I think is pretty amazing, and if you like beer, you’ll be in heaven.

Hiland. said...

his favorite pick was the 'black label burger' at the crowbar in corona del mar...

"8 oz signature blend includes 21 day dry aged prime ribeye served on potato bun w/bone marrow butter and caramelzied onions" 19 bucks... ooofff!

we hit up slater's 50/50 which we liked, but the 50% beef 50% ground bacon burger wasn't as good as it should be.

kelly ♥ said...

I agree about the 50/50! Bacon and beef blend sounds like a dream come true, but it just tasted really weird to me. And I wasn’t into the sauce. Kyle got the PB&J burger and loved it. I want to go back there and try something else.

I am bummed the Crowbar one is his favorite because I was going to go there on my bday just to get that burger and everyone told me that place is lame. Guess I still have to try it. When I feel like being ass-raped by the price of a burger.

Thanks for making me feel special and leaving comments :)