Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage brooches

I mentioned in a post a while back that I love gaudy animal-related jewelry and that I have a little collection of vintage brooches. I had some free time this weekend so I decided to round them up and share them.

Most of them come from antique stores. The two deer came from eBay. My favorite, of course, is the pegasus. I found that at an antique store and I felt like I won the lottery that day. The toucan and deer head came from some really bizarre costume shop on Hollywood Blvd that had a lot of deadstock vintage accessories. I actually see those 2 brooches all the time in antique stores.

The corn on the cob was a gift from my friend Kristine, purchased at the Rose Bowl flea market. We've had an ongoing corn joke since we were like 15. I'm not even sure at this point what's so funny about it, but I cracked up when she gave it to me.

I'm glad I did this because I realized I am missing a couple - another deer, and a black carousel horse with the little pole going through it and everything. I also realize how many more I want. There is a certain antique mall I frequent that has sooo many great ones. Lobsters and crabs, cats, dogs, birds, elephants, lions... Must get!

Can you see how I've been inspired by these? The horse head... The toucan...

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Lara said...

I used to collect these when I was a kid and my parents dragged me to antique shows all the time! No idea what happened but they're all gone now and I miss them so much! Love the 2 deer!