Friday, February 11, 2011

Adventures in Mitsuwa

Today at lunch we went to Mitsuwa. Mitsuwa is a Japanese grocery store/video store/book store/bakery/food court and more. We used to come here for lunch all the time, but it gets crowded and the thought of trying to find a table while holding a huge steaming bowl of ramen usually deters us. I love how Japan makes everything so darn cute, so I took some pictures. 

This guy is on the toilet! 

These are cookies that look like mushrooms! Oh, Japan!

These are fun, but I feel like I need to be 18 to wear anything in any of these.

These are cookies that look like burgers!

I don't know what these guys are supposed to be. I liked that there was an army of them.

Best packaging.

Random story time: In college, I had a Japanese pen pal. There was a website that would hook you up with a pen pal based on your interests. My pen pal’s name was Satoko. We sent each other care packages with things like magazines, mix CDs, and drawings. It was pretty rad. One time it somehow came up that my favorite food is sushi and she was SO surprised that we have sushi here in California. She just couldn’t believe it! I thought that was so cute and hilarious because if you are driving here, you will pass a sushi restaurant like every 2 minutes. One day I just kind of forgot to send her package and that was the end of that. Oops. How cool would it be to set something up where you exchange care packages with people who have similar interests in other countries? Like Sweden. I bet I would get some cool stuff from Sweden.


Lara said...

So jealous that you have access to stores like those! There's nothing like that in Richmond. I used to be able to get the magazines but can't find them anymore.

Pen pals are the best! When I was a teen, I got grounded (a lot) so I had about 30 pen pals at one time - totally ridiculous.

Nick said...

There needs to be a blog dedicated to pictures taken in America that you would never guess were taken in America.

More posts like these please!

Isis said...

I love how there are so many variations of the chocolate+cookie cookies in the Japanese store (like the mushrooms and burgers you showed). If you get a chance, try the Pandas (red box with cute pandas), they are cookie on the outside with chocolate filling. Theyre my favorite!

kelly ♥ said...

Thanks Nick!

Lara - If you ever get desperate, I can be your dealer :)

Isis - Are they called Hello Panda? Those ARE delicious! And they are made with real bits of panda.

TheShoeGirl said...

i wanna go next time.

TheShoeGirl said...

Oh and I want a foreign pen pal

kelly ♥ said...

I bet there are a ton of gals who would want to be your pen pal! Pen palism (?!) is a lost art now that we have email. And I will text you the next time we go on an adventure!