Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A cute print + a good cause

I just read something nice. You can read it here: http://mermag.blogspot.com/2011/02/spreading-lovely-love-around.html

If you aren’t into reading, I can summarize for you:

 This gal Merrilee has an etsy shop. The words are from a song that was on Yo Gabba Gabba. A woman bought this print from her as a gift for her husband, and she learned that the woman was the wife of Scott Schultz, one of the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba! It turns out that the Schultz’s (Schultzeseseses?) have 4 rad kids – 3 boys, and a baby girl named Davy who was born with a cleft lip and palate, congenital heart defects, and several other conditions. They often need money for Davy’s medical bills. I have a lot of Gabba friends, and I know that the money they make is, howyousaaaaay, modest. So Merrilee has this print for sale in her etsy shop and all proceeds benefit the Schultz family! Not only that, but if you buy one, you get a second print for free! The hard part is choosing a color. I got a pink and a yellow!

If you follow the link I posted to Merrilee's blog, you can read more details and see pictures of the Schultz family.

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