Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LA visit

Since Monday was a holiday, my BFF and I headed up to LA. Our first stop was simplethings sandwich & pie shop. I read it about it on Oh Joy! back in December, checked out the menu on their website, and bookmarked it as a place I had to try. The sandwiches sounded so good. I was so glad after eating here that it lived up to what I was expecting.

I had the sweet potato sandwich (grilled sweet potatoes, apples, jammy onions, chevre, avocado, cumin coleslaw, pretzel roll)

 I took home a bunch of these tiny pies ("cutie pies") for Kyle.

Rachael had the fried chicken sandwich (free range chix breast, coleslaw, tomato, tabasco mayo, onion focaccia) with buttermilk bleu cheese.

After lunch, we strolled along 3rd street and popped in and out of shops. I enjoyed OK and Plastica.

Right: The coolest litter boxes I've ever seen, and kitty teepees! (tipis?)

After that, we headed over to Silverlake where we hit up Barkeeper, ReForm School, and Spice Station.

Barkeeper was our favorite, with it's selection of new and vintage barware, and unique cocktail ingredients. I ended up buying lavender water (which I will use to make lavender simple syrup), cherry bark vanilla bitters (which I still have no idea what to do with, but it smelled really good), and some cool metal straws.

ReForm School is a store I've been meaning to check out pretty much since they opened it. They sell handmade items, unique housewares, prints, books, cards, and other miscellaneous things. This store and it's displays are so adorable.
Rachael's really into cooking, so Spice Station was cool. They carry a lot of spices that are usually hard to find, and they also make spice blends.

Our last stop of the day was to Frosted Cupcakery. Stacia, Simone, and I all worked at Paul Frank together at one time. Stacia left to pursue her dream of opening a cupcake shop, and she opened Frosted in Belmont Shore in Long Beach. Simone stayed at Paul Frank for a couple more years before deciding to open a Frosted in Hollywood. And the rest is history! Seeing Simone was great. She's like a little beam of sunshine, even though she thinks she's "awkward".
Loved these sprinkles in test tubes.
After that we called it a day and drove home to the land of left turn signals. :)


Nick Paloukos said...

Next time I go LA, I'm going to ask you to make my itinerary.

kelly ♥ said...

Ha! Thanks duderz. I asked a couple of friends for suggestions.