Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zodiacs... and portable magic wands

I was made aware of this by a FB post my friend Camella made, and had to check it out. It's really good. Camella is like a knower-of-all-things-cool. She is married to my friend Juan, also a knower-of-all-things-cool. They had a rad victorian-inspired wedding with great music and great tacos. Juan is one of those dudes that is like an encyclopedia of obscure music - a lot of times too obscure for me. Juan and I used to work together and I miss having him around. On my first day, he took me under his wing and made me feel at home. I think one of the best Juan stories is the time I was sitting at my desk, working, and Juan came walking by talking on his cell phone. It sounded like an important business call. But as he walked by, he stopped at my desk, handed me something and was like (to person on phone) “Yeah.. Uh huh...” (then quietly to me) “Here. Magic Wand. Portable.” then kept walking and talking on the phone. I had no idea what just happened and I opened my hand to look at what he had just given me, and it was an expandable/collapsible magic wand. He showed me later how to use it. It’s small enough that you can put it in your hand without anyone knowing and then release it so it’s as if a magic wand just appeared out of nowhere. I still have that magic wand. (Sidenote: Technically all magic wands are "portable")

Oh yeah! Camella and Juan have a band together called Tropic of Cancer.

This turned into a great post... About Juan and Camella.

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