Monday, March 7, 2011

Irvine Antique Market

I went to the Irvine Antique Market for the first time this weekend. It happens the 1st Sunday of every month at Irvine Valley College in the parking lot on the corner of Irvine Center Drive and Jeffrey. For some reason, my expectations were low. But turns out, it was much bigger than I expected and there was tons of cool stuff.

So what did I end up getting? 

 I got some of those old wooden alphabet blocks to spell out my daughter's name on a shelf in her room. I like how they are all different.

I saw this zebra brooch and thought it was kind of a weird shape and the clasp was in a weird place. Then I found out that this is no ordinary brooch, but a brooch that you wear ON YOUR SHOULDER! Also snatched up this unicorn brooch. It's not a usual style I would choose (I usually go for the ones that are enamel and bedazzled), but it does have a pretty majestic horn and it's peering out from a haunted ass tree.

And finally, I got this unicorn lamp. I still need to get a bulb for it. It only lights up from behind, causing a magical unicorn shadow to be cast on the wall behind it. No biggie. (!!!!!!)


Lara said...

that unicorn pin is magnificent!!!
God I miss going to antique shows! Need to get on that now that the weather's getting warmer.

Alison Cole said...

i love owls. i want that owl thing,,, i dont even know what it is but i want it.