Monday, March 14, 2011

Patio project - halfway done

I'm on a little "vacation" right now, home with the lady baby. She's so cool now. She is always doing funny things and is non-stop entertainment. Back in July, while I was on maternity leave, I decided I needed a creative project. I hadn't been around any creative people for a couple of months and I needed an excuse to get out of the house with her. And so began Operation: Patio. And shortly after that, so ended Operation: Patio - incomplete. It's almost a year later and I am just now starting to work on it again!

Pictures to follow, but first some explanations. I think I am about halfway done. The corner when you first walk out looks great. The opposite side of that is still a mess. The person who lived here before us left all sorts of broken crap behind, including this huge broken umbrella that's just laying there, and I just haven't dealt with it. The removal of this umbrella will make me feel 100x better.

I am used to living with tons of color and wacky accessories like vintage robots and a giant ice cream lamp. It's just been the past year that I got tired of living with too much visual stimulation and started to tone it down. So I challenged myself to tone it down A LOT. I even chose pillows with a pattern that I don't think I would normally choose. As I type this, I am realizing how funny it is that my "comfort zone" was robots and giant ice cream lamps...

So here it is - our halfway decorated patio.

The "after" pictures were taken on my phone for me to use as reference while I'm out shopping, so that's why I didn't sweep up leaves or anything. The last things I need to do to this corner are: get a pot for the plant by the door, get rid of the door mat, and do something with those 2 pots hiding under the bench. I also need to buy a table to go between the 2 chairs so we can actually eat out there. Then I need to tackle the other side, starting with getting rid of that damn umbrella!

Since I started this project back in July, all the summer stuff at Target was on clearance to make room for back to school stuff, so I got some great prices.

It needs a little more personality. I want it to feel like a place where you want to put on a bossa nova record and have cocktails. I also think it needs a pop of a different color, but what color? If you have any ideas or know of any cool sites with unique and inexpensive outdoor stuff, holler at me. I am going to try to finish it before May, and then I will post (real) pictures!


Lara said...

love it! Some orange maybe?

TheShoeGirl said...

You're so inspiring <3

kelly ♥ said...

CELINE! Is it because I somehow found time to decorate my patio AND haunt people? I dunno why I'm inspiring, but I will take the compliment! THANKS!

the gardeners cottage said...

hi kelly,

i agree with lara, bright orange would look great.


kelly ♥ said...

Thanks Janet! I agree with the orange too. I might just end up buying a can of orange spray paint so I can paint anything orange.

I keep seeing all these adorable vintagey oil cloths and outdoor fabrics, and it makes me want to change the entire plan! Like, how cute is this -

If I do ever change my mind, I suppose I could just sew covers for the pillows I already have. It's really the pillows that are "making" it.

I also JUST found out that Amy Butler now offers "laminated cotton" which I am assuming is outdoor-friendly. Look at some of these cute prints!

I guess for now I will just stick to the plan.