Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A relic from my childhood

I was perusing a book shelf at my mom’s house and found an old coloring book of mine from the 80s. This book explains so much about me! It all came rushing back to me when I saw it, but if I hadn’t seen it, I never would have remembered it. It’s pretty amazing. Based on the copyright date, I was probably around 7 years old.

Look how funky I was about to get with these sneakers I didn't finish coloring. Check out that sweet triangle pattern I was attempting.

FYI: “There is no mirror cat, I tore it out.” Obviously “Mirror Cat” was too dazzling, so I had to tear it out and display it somewhere. I imagine it was probably taped to my bedroom wall.

7 year old me: “This pegasus isn't magical enough – let me just go ahead and add some embellishment.”


Nick Paloukos said...

Save this!

kelly ♥ said...

Consider it saved! I also have a whole box of Hello Kitty/Sanrio stuff to give to Zoey when she is old enough to appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

this is so cool! what a great find.

Lara said...

THERE IS NO MIRROR CAT! Yes! Such a great find... pretty revealing about your fancy-ass self! ;)

Julie said...


First, that's awesome that your parents saved that coloring book. And second, it's so clear that your fearless love of color began as a child. It's pretty cool to see how creative you were back then.