Monday, April 11, 2011

Another dresser makeover

The Good Will store near us is actually 2 different stores right next door to each other. The first is just your standard Good Will, and then next door to it they have Good Will "Keepers", where they put all the stuff that is supposedly worth more. I don't know what criteria they use for determining which items will go to the "Keepers" store, because it's just all the same stuff but spaced out and organized a little better, and higher priced. Sometimes too high priced.

I saw this dresser in the "Keepers" store and it didn't have a price tag on it. I almost wasn't even going to ask how much it was because I figured they would have the price jacked up (plus, this is something that I thought really deserved to be a "keeper"). But I did ask, and the lady told me $50. Score! We own the sister to this dresser, which we painted last year (it got featured as a "before and after" on design*sponge.) Even though this dresser was in really great condition, I wanted to paint it anyway because I love the way painting old furniture an unexpected color gives it a more modern look.

I was tossing around the idea of painting this one gray like our last one, but instead I decided to go for mustard with white trim and metallic gold handles. I actually paid my sister to paint it for me since I have little time (or room) to take on a project like that, and she could use the money since she isn't working. She's surprisingly detail-oriented when it comes to stuff like this, so I knew I could trust her to do a good job.

I actually put the dresser in our living room. We used to have a small Ikea shelf there that housed all my cook books. I thought this would be a good new home for them, and a great way to hide some clutter. I think it will also be a good home for my unicorn lamp. My next step is changing out the artwork on the wall above it to make a more cohesive collection. I will post about that some day when I finish.


Lara said...

This is the kind of stuff I intended on doing when the bf and I moved in together but times were desperate and we went to IKEA instead and now I have no room and everything has that modern feel. Your sister did such a great job! Don't you love a perfectionist?
That mustard is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I didn't know you had done this! Janelle