Thursday, May 19, 2011

I finished a sketch book!

This is BIG, people! Sketch books used to scare me. A blank book just waiting to be filled with awesome stuff, and I was afraid of letting it down. I've started countless sketch books over the years, only to get a few pages into it and decide that I had ruined it. Why? It's just a sketch book. It's not a canvas to paint on, or a fancy piece of art paper for a really great drawing. It's just a book to doodle and sketch.

So how did I get so scared of a little book? I blame it on college. When I was a kid, I doodled all day. As a teenager, I wrote my friends notes in class with funny cartoons of us, or I drew their names all fancypants. Then I started taking drawing classes in college. In every drawing class, the teacher would tell us that part of our grade would be to keep a sketch book. Gulp. I was going to be graded on my doodles? Not only that, but I suddenly felt very guarded about what I was drawing, because someone would be looking at it, judging it. I quickly learned that no teacher ever kept to his or her word about the sketch book thing. But every semester, I bought a new sketch book anyway, with big plans of filling it. This even continued after college.

This blog is the reason I stopped being scared of my sketch book. Sharing my doodles not only gave me something to post, but a reason to keep doodling. I may not be making innovative stuff here, and maybe I draw way too many unicorns or hearts, but it's just my sketch book, so it's okay! Plus, some people actually visit my blog! Not very many, but the ones who do? AWESOME. High fives to anyone who comes here regularly, because that gives me even more motivation to doodle.

And now, I would like to introduce you to my new sketch book. That spiral bound sketch book was very non-threatening. Let's see how I do with this hard cover guy. First thought: Needs some decorating.

Robot dance.


brattyceline said...

GO KELLY!!!!!!!!!

zoeygavinsnana said...

Love it. Ya are, aside from being a brilliant artist, a very, very good writer.

Lara said...

Yay! Congrats! I love your doodles and totally understand the sketchbook fear. I never filled one. The hardcover one is serious business! ;)

kelly ♥ said...

Thank ya thank ya! You know what else helps? Knowing that Zoey will probably like to look at these when she gets older!

Julie - seriously?! Thanks! I always keep my posts picture heavy because I hate the way I sound when I write haha.

Lauren said...

Awesome! Is that a dino-squirrel??

kelly ♥ said...

It's defintely a dino squirrel!