Friday, June 10, 2011

Eating out: Habana in Costa Mesa

Right: Spinach salad with shrimp, prosciutto, and goat cheese.

Left: Vegetarian tamale pie. Right: French fries.

Mango BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

Left: maduros. Right: cocktail menu.

Ropa Vieja, available for lunch and dinner.

Habana has a burger on their lunch menu, but the kobe beef burger is a special available only on Thursdays. 

Habana is one of my favorite places. Some of these are lunch items. The lunch menu is significantly less expensive than the dinner menu, but I do recommend going in the evening because the ambiance is great. It's dark with a lot of lit candles, and the patio seating is fun. They have a lot of great appetizers and you could easily eat tapas style, sharing many appetizers with friends. I am in love with a cocktail on their menu called the Buena Vista. It's one of those cocktails that's strong, but you can't tell because it tastes so good. Habana is also a great place for brunch.

Habana is located at The Lab in Costa Mesa
2930 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626(714) 556-0176

Click here for their menu on Urban Spoon.


Anonymous said...

your blog is so freakin' colourful and fun! i'll have to add you to my bloglovin!

Lara said...

Sweet lord that food looks so good! The Mango bbq and kobe burger are killing me!