Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gold glitter and hair bows... "for the win!"

I always have these visions of wearing cute clothes, and instead I end up wearing the same old stuff over and over. I have so many accessories that I never even wear. I contemplated this yesterday, as I sat there wearing jeans, a Toddland tee, and a plaid shirt, and I vowed that the next day I would wear something I hardly ever wear. So this morning, out came my gold glittery shoes and a giant hair bow. I should do this more often. I felt pretty awesome all day!


Lara said...

Girl, do I know the feeling! We're lucky that we we can wear comfy clothes to work.
I have a ton of cute stuff to though and I see it in my closet and pass it for a long tee and jeggings!

A few weeks ago I made myself wear a skirt/dress every day. It was fun, I felt great and all but it was a bit too much. I like what you did - some snazzy shoes and a fun accessory. I can def handle that!

kelly ♥ said...

Mmm-hmm! The fact that I am hidden behind a desk/computer with the same 8 people all day doesn’t help me want to sass things up. These cornholes (whom I love) are lucky I’m not showing up in my pajamas. (Hmmm.... Pajama Jeans...)

I saw your post about wearing skirts/dresses! I thought it was noble of you. Having to sit all proper all day. I did not wear a skirt or dress yesterday, but I did wear a nicer top with my jeans.

Accessories are the way to go, though. I have always liked the idea of just wearing jeans and a plain comfy t-shirt and then putting on cool shoes or a fancy hair accessory.