Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting crafty at work!

Yesterday at work, the computer that talks (beep boop bop beep!) to our large format printer and vinyl plotter gave us the blue screen of death. We do everything in-house - we print and plot all of our own signage for store windows and whatnot. We even cut it all out! So it was kind of a big deal to not be able to print when we were already half-way through the process of printing out our "back-to-school" window displays. Luckily, we are crafty. We had paper and Sharpie paint pens. So we channeled our inner elementary schoolers, and I thought I would share the fun!

It helps to know that the other part of the window that DID get printed out is a graphic involving a crystal ball, and that is where the phrase "school is in your future" comes from.

And the finished signs! We were trying to capture that vibe of hand-painted signs hanging up around school that say things like "Science Club Meeting This Friday!" But with our own spin. It was a fun day!

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