Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grilling up smiles?

I made that title ridiculously cheesy on purpose.

These are some fun items that make me excited to eat outside. In the early evening when it’s not as hot, we’ve been enjoying our patio. Last Saturday night we grilled pizzas outside. Have you ever grilled pizza? It makes a huge difference! The crust bubbles up and it gets all crispy. We’ve been doing this for a while, but these pizzas were the best we’ve made. We topped them with olive oil, fresh garlic, shallots, onion, mozzarella, heirloom tomato, kale, and the ricotta cheese I made earlier that day. Then we drizzled white truffle oil over them. If you’ve never grilled pizza and want to try it, it’s really easy! I use Trader Joe’s already made pizza dough in the refrigerated section. Let it sit out for a while so it’s easier to roll out, and roll it out nice and thin. You put the dough directly on to the grill. When it starts to bubble, you flip it, brush with olive oil and add your toppings. They are ready when the dough is cooked through and your cheese is melted. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

1. Bodum Fyrkat table top grill from Crate & Barrel, $49.95. 2. Flower plate from ModCloth, $9.99. 3. Charley Harper sunset glass from Fishs Eddy, $4.00 per glass. 4. Jonathan Adler mod animals highball glass, $11 per glass. 5. Set of 20 melon ball beverage napkins from Crate & Barrel, on sale for $2.95. 6. 10” amber square cake stand from Fishs Eddy, $119.95. 7. Yellow striped paper straws from Fishs Eddy, $4.95. 8. Mix & Munch 16-pc. cutlery set from ModCloth, $29.99. 9. Well-stacked bowl from Urban Outfitters, 4 for $16.

Sidenote! I asked my inner circle of gal pals (I am really on a roll with the cheese today) which posts they liked to see the most, and my best friend Rachael said she likes when I do these sort of round-up/shopping posts. So I hope you like it, Rach! What kinds of posts do you like the most? Music? Doodles? The ones where I make words happen from my brain machine?


Lara said...

Oh that grill is so cute! We don't have a porch so I have to grill at my folks' house and take it home then re-heat in the oven. Such a pain. That lil grill could work on my stoop... maybe.
I want grilled pizza!!!

Love the plates, glasses, bowls... all of it. Oh my god, I have a stupid huge collection of patterned paper napkins from IKEA and I never use them. I need to whip those suckers out!

To your question - I like a well-rounded mix.

kelly ♥ said...

Thank you for answering! You should just use the napkins for every day use. It will feel fancy :) And grill a pizza at your parents' house! Luckily, the pizza reheats pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I love doodles and round up posts the best. I really love your round up posts, I should say.

love love love

drollgirl said...

um, you kind of have the best name EVER!!!! and i am liking your blog!