Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty dresses...

I thought I would post some inspiration to get me out of this jeans rut. I just love all these dresses from asos. But man, who wants to wear silky fabrics when it's so hot outside? I just want to slap on a cotton muumuu and call it a day... You girls who step it up every single day are very inspiring.

Even though it's been a year since I had a baby, I'm still hanging on to 15 extra pounds. It's hard to commit to buying cute clothes because I feel like I am still in my "temporary body." It's kind of a bummer to feel that way, because for the past year, I am never wearing what I want to be wearing. I just buy things that "will do for now" because they fit. But I am pretty sure Stacey and Clinton advise people not to think that way. Maybe this is now my permanent body?


Lara said...

I'm assuming you're holding your extra weight in your tummy and thighs like most women.
So, why not get a cute little dress that's flowy in that area so when you do lose some extra weight, you can still wear it!
I think any of these dresses would do the trick! You can always get em taken in later!

PS - I like what you did there w/ your doodles down the middle.

kelly ♥ said...

That's true, most of these would still work. Good point :) Luckily when I gain weight, it kind of distributes out everywhere, but I am carrying most of this in my tummy.

You know what's a super bummer? I have no concept of my size anymore, so it's hard to order online. I ordered a top from Anthro and it was huge on me. I ordered a dress from ModCloth and I had to laugh as I was trying to squeeze myself into it. And I'm usually too lazy to return things.

So... I think we've come to the conclusion that I should just buy things, work with what I got, and stop being a lazy asshole when things are too small for me.

PS - Thanks toots, I was trying to add a "personal touch" :)

Sarah said...

You with the you! Get out of my brain. I feel this way all the time, but I am refusing to just let this be my permanent body. I let it be that way for 6 months and I'm done. And p.s. - you're a bad ass and can totally do it to. Sort of related? I still haven't done that lunge/burpee workout. And I will keep you posted about how that Modcloth sweater fits. Anthro sizing is balls. Some stuff is tiny and some stuff is huge. WTF!

(This is random. For that I apologize.)

kelly ♥ said...

Hahaha I love it, random or not. Yeah, I am totally still trying to get rid of it. You're right. NO! THIS IS NOT MY PERMANENT BODY!

I really do feel confident that I will be "normal" again some day, it's just taking a while. And when it's gone, it will last, because I haven't tried any ridiculous diets or anything extreme. Just good old fashioned healthy eating. And I even eat a burger every Friday night and have still managed to lose weight. That's realistic, you know?

Finding time to workout has been hard, with working outside of the home and all. But now that Z is a little older, I've been able to add it back in regularly and it's been great!

HIGH FIVES to you, and you'd better try that burpee/lunges workout! You will be destroyed! In the best way.