Friday, August 19, 2011

Cece L'amour

After designing shoes for the likes of Betsey Johnson and LAMB, my friend Celine has started her own shoe line called CeCe L’Amour and yesterday she shared with me that she named one of the shoes in her debut collection after me! In fact, all the shoes are named after girls she knows, and Rachael got one named after her too! I feel so cool. Celine said she named the flat “Kelly” because she knows I love flats. This is true. Furthermore, this is a super cute vintage-inspired flat with a big pom pom on it! I love pom poms. I will wear the heck out of these.

Besides the Kelly flat, my favorite shoe in her line is the Nicole, pictured below. I love the polkadots, the taupe, cream and black color combo, and I like the way it looks like it was inspired by the 1940s. I will be picking this one up for sure. To see more CeCe L’Amour shoes, visit Celine’s blog The Shoe Girl. If you poke around some recent posts, you will see some cool inspiration boards, and she talks a lot of about the process of designing shoes.


Lara said...

aiyeeeee! I was wondering if you were gonna get a shoe named after you! Yayayayayayyayay!
They are totally you! So freakin cool!

kelly ♥ said...

It made my day!

zoeys nana said...

These are so you. I want Celine to be my friend...doesn't she know how much I love shoes..hahahaha

TheShoeGirl said...

Oh man. Why am I just now seeing this post!?
Thank you woman!