Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Creatures Fall 2011 preview

You know how I'm completely in love with everything Dear Creatures does. They have been posting sneak peaks via Facebook and Twitter, and they are driving me crazy - in a good way! So I scoured the internetz far and wide, and I snagged some shots to share with you. I am pretending there are a lot of you. There are not. But let's pretend together.

photos via Zooey magazine


Lara said...

There are probably more than you think. Tons of people are non-commenting lurkers!

Such cute stuff! I don't think I could pull off the jumpers in the top pic though. Too old? Those scalloped shorts with tights are fantastic!

kelly ♥ said...

I love the jumper/idea of a jumper! That one looks like the fabric might be a little thick, so it might only look good on skinny chicks. I will have to investigate. But I love the top that’s underneath it. That is definitely on my wishlist. I also love the dress below that image. I can’t wait to see every piece! I love scalloped edged everything.

Anonymous said...

I bought the scalloped shorts last week! LOVE. I think theres still free shipping here