Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I want a pretty dining room

When Kyle and I first moved in together (before we were married because we are heathens) we didn’t really have much money to spend on furnishing our place. So we ended up with a whole lot of Ikea stuff. Which is okay because I love Ikea, but sometimes it’s just too much Ikea.

We have the Bjursta dining table, which seats 2 and expands to seat 4, in black-brown. But then the very next year, you know what Ikea did? They made that ish in a regular brown! Which I like way better! But of course, I’m not going to go out and buy a brand new dining table 1 year later just because of that. So the table remained, and even came with us to our current place. But I kind of despise it. I think it’s too small for us now since we have our families over a lot. There’s definitely room for a bigger table in our current place. Also, I just do not like the black-brown. It just looks black. So lately I’ve been day dreaming about giving our dining area a complete makeover.

I love the dining rooms pictured here. I noticed that every time I see a dining room that I love, it has 2 things going for it: 1) mid-century and 2) rustic or natural or something. I love the mix of the clean white mid-century chairs and tables that look like they are made from reclaimed wood.

image via Pinterest (original source, anyone?)
I like everything here except I would change the plant and the art on the wall.

room by Emily Henderson who is the BEST thing on HGTV right now.
In this image, I love the chairs and dining table together. The photo wall not so much.

Overstock.com has an affordable knock-off of the Eames shell chair, sold in a set of 2.

Overstock.com also has tulip chairs, which are sold as singles so they are a bit more expensive, and I would say out of my price range. I like the other ones better any way.

For a table, my best bet may just be to stick with the Ikea Bjursta series, only with a larger table (this one seats 4-8), and I can get the medium brown. Since I already own one, I know they are durable and quality is great. And for $199 it's kind of a steal!

I like both of these CB2 tables, but the rectangular one is 900 bucks and the round one is too small.

Let's talk about rugs.
The rug on the left is by Madeline Weinrib and it is my dream rug, but costs major moolah. The rug on the right is a much more affordable option from West Elm. The design is very similar, but the color is not as exciting.

Here are 3 more graphic choices. The top 2 are from Overstock.com. I'm not completely sold on the one on the left, but I really like the chevron stripe on the right, although it looks like it's no longer available. The bottom is from Ikea. I like it, but definitely not as much as the chevron stripe. If I had to choose between a colored rug or a black and white rug, I would probably go with color.

The ZigZag rug from Urban Outfitters is nice and I like the colors, but it will probably be too small.

One thing that will definitely be staying in our dining area is my beloved mid-century desk/credenza/cabinet thing. Luckily, it fits in with the vibe I'm going for.

So, what do you think? Any more ideas for me?


Lara said...

Love your credenza thingy!

Okay... You know how IKEA sells just table legs? I think you ought to keep your eyes peeled for some old wood! Maybe an old door?
$900 for that rectangular CB2 table is robbery. You can totally do that diy style. Hell, get some non-salt-treated planks cut at the hardware store, secure them with 2 or 3 cross boards underneath with screws, stain it and add the legs.

There has to be a few architectural reclamation places around. Maybe check them out and see what they have.

Those Eames shell chair rip-offs with the arms from Overstock are what we have around a white tulip table from IKEA. We got the chairs at Sears of all places. Their Baxton line has a lot of great chairs.

I think they need some little cushions in the seats though. Still keeping a lookout for the perfect ones.

I think the tulip chairs would be a lil hard to scoot on the floor. I wanted them at first and then decided against it.

kelly ♥ said...

Oooh! THAT is a good idea! I even looked up reclaimed wood furniture on Craigslist and it’s expensive. For some reason I thought it would be cheaper. But to DIY it is definitely an option!

We have the shell chair rocker from Modernica in Zoey’s room and I am surprised by how comfortable it is, so I know they will make great dining chairs! And for like half the price.

The Baxton chairs also come without arms, which I really like too. That will be a tough choice.

frien said...

I like the blue zigzag rug from urban. I think it'd look good with your rustic/modern theme and the wood color of your danish thingy. And with some mustard and white accents... yum. It's 5x7 so it's the same size as the rug from urban I have in my living room!