Monday, August 1, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space...

I have this container of glitter and the top is broken so it doesn't close all the way. I had it sitting a little too close to the edge of my desk, and of course I accidentally knocked it off. It landed on the ground and spilled everywhere. So I grabbed my camera phone and took some pictures of it to play around with later. Then I cleaned it up.

I know people who get kind of bummed at iPhone apps that let you add cool photo effects. I guess it has something to do with real photographers and everyone thinking they are photographers now. And I can kind of see where they are coming from. It’s like how 10 years ago everyone thought they were a graphic designer. However, at the risk of sounding like a wusslord, my iPhone camera has done wonders for how I see the world. When I am out and about in the world, I notice little things now. A shadow, a reflection, the way the sunlight is coming through something. I frame things in my brain-camera. In this case, I saw the positive side of a glitter spill. It's a good thing, to find beauty in random places, and something that I hope to impart on Zoey, without having to use the iPhone.

I thought these pictures looked kind of spacey.

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swonderful said...

mmm. yes. i hear the instagram/hipstamatic/iphone camear hatred and just laugh. they are totally missing the point.