Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sonny Skyes & The Telepathics

This isn’t just any music post. This is way better. My Creative Director at work, a fella by the name Mike Smith (“Smithy” or “Smee” as I like to call him), has started a one-man project called Sonny Skyes & The Telepathics. He plays every instrument on every track, and does vocals too. So cool, right? Smithy has been in some other bands, like The Bolides and The Bug Eyed Sprites, but Sonny Skyes & The Telepathics is the best yet. My fellow art department people and I have been lucky enough to hear a lot of his creative process. We have a band room at work and I’ve heard him laying down drums and bass lines during lunch. He started putting a few of his unmastered songs on YouTube, and said he’s ready to share them. So enjoy!

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