Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target

Target designer collections are an awesome thing. When they did the Orla Kiely collection, I went all over, to every Target in a 15-mile radius, to score the goods. And I lucked out! I’m an Orla Kiely fan, and I got a lot of good stuff that is still on display at Xanadu. We eat off our Orla Kiely plates and drink out of our Orla Kiely cups every day still. But do you ever get the feeling that some people just want designer stuff for the sake of having it? That’s the feeling I got yesterday as I read through all my friends’ Facebook statuses and scrolled through Twitter seeing how excited people were to go to Target and score themselves anything Missoni.

I had seen some sneak previews of the stuff, and it seemed okay. Nothing great, although I did like a blanket, and thought a pair of flats would be a nice pop with a jeans and t-shirt kind of outfit. To be honest, I wasn’t really hip to Missoni before I heard of this collection, so I had no reason to be excited. But everyone else was, so I decided I needed to get in there and check this stuff out! And what I found was... disappointing, really. All these stories of women duking it out at Target, and people spending $1000+ on a mediocre zig zag print? Really? So I decided to dissect this stuff, just to amuse myself. Warning: you may read some stuff you don't like. Read something else and pretend to still like me. :)

By “The good(-ish)” I mean that these are the things I like enough from the collection. In most cases, not enough to buy, but I see them and think “Okay, I can see how someone would want these things”. That psychedelic print on the makeup bag is cute in a small dose. There were a couple of other makeup/travel bags that could have been in this mix. The baby stuff is kind of cute, and there was a baby blanket I kind of liked too. Of the home stuff (plates, etc) I really only like the tray above. The plates are a weird shape that I do not like at all (square with 2 rounded off sides).

The whatever: these are just a great big snoozefest. Not particularly cute, but not particularly ugly. Just... whatever. Had I not known about the Missoni collection and I saw these things at Target, I would have probably walked right past them without giving them a second glance. Okay, maybe I would have looked twice at the rain boots. But I love rain boots.

The fug. This is where you may want to avert your eyes. My co-worker went to Target yesterday morning and got a couple of things, and she said the entire clothes section was wiped out. And I ask you: WHY? Look at this stuff! Look at that flappy purple sweater – no sorry, TURTLENECK – that looks like it would get all stretched out after an hour of wearing it. Most of these sweaters look like some crap you would have found at Mervyn’s in 1997. I can totally picture some random girl in high school wearing the “polo sweater” with ill-fitting too-bright-of-blue jeans. Are you picturing it with me? I even just Googled “90s jeans” and found you this picture so we can all see it together. The print and colors on the ottoman/pouf thing looks like the interior of an airplane or something.

So... That’s my honest take on the whole Missoni thing. How do you feel about it? Do you love it? Do you not understand it? Do you despise it? 


CarlyRM said...

I keep going back to check it out, thinking I will find some stuff that is good. But the clothing in particular is just gross. There was a rose rug with a cut out shape that I can see being cute in a certain space. Not a space in MY house, but someone else's. I like some of the fabric-covered storage bins, but they would go inside a closet and they would be useful for organizing. I'm really just sad I only got one from the Orla line. I'd like about 3-5 more of those.

Marianne said...

I love Missoni and was really hopeful for this collab, considering a real Missoni scarf will run you $200-$300. But I ended up with an oversized mug (holding pens on my desk), file folders, and a clipboard. I would have bought that blanket if there were any left, and I might get my kid the sweater leggings if they get marked down. The womens clothes were a big no.

Lara said...

OMG yes! "a mediocre zig zag print"

I do not get the longevity of this brand at all. How they have stayed in business is beyond me.

The things you picked, I would've totally been into as well but I hate the elevated price on these designer colab items. If they were at normal Target prices, then we could talk.