Friday, September 9, 2011

Some things I like right now...

Things were kind of slow for me this week, but that’s okay. I think I will ring in the weekend by sharing some things I like right now. Do you have anything fun you always do on weekends? Kyle and I always eat burgers on Friday nights. Usually on Saturday mornings, I clean. That part is not fun :)

I love the clothes (top shirt especially), hair and photography in this photoshoot by Sessun (via Where the Lovely Things Are):
I love beanies with pompoms and these ones from ASOS happen to have giant ones! Come on, Fall.

This vintage whale planter from etsy shop domestikate. Too bad it was already sold when I found it.

I know it's a little early, but I can't help myself. This "Autumn" scented candle by Slatkin & Co. at Bath & Body Works has been making Xanadu smell reeeeal cozy. When they have a sale, I think I will buy one or two more.
I'v been enjoying this cook book called Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson who does the blog 101 Cookbooks. After eating from this for 2 weeks I dropped 4 lbs without even trying. Just making and eating her recipes. They are all really simple, and all vegetarian. It's kind of cool because I love meat. Carne asada, burgers, sushi: yes please. But I kind of hate cooking meat at home. I hate handling flappy slimey chicken breasts, and it always smells funny to me. So this book is great for me because there are some pretty hearty recipes that fill even Kyle. I’ve been saving my meat-eating for Friday night burgers!

If you go to the website for the book, there is a preview with some recipes. Out of these we’ve made the “mostly not potato salad” and the “little quinoa patties”. Both yummy. A lot of the recipes make pretty big batches, so I've been making things like the potato salad on Sundays and taking it to work for lunches for the week.

And finally... My copy of the new Design Sponge at Home book by Grace Bonney arrived in the mail yesterday! I didn't even open it yet because I wanted to wait until I had time to really get in there. And I kind of want to wait until my friend Kristine gets her copy so we can dork out on it together. I hope her copy comes today! If you want to check it out and can't wait, it's also available as an e-book.

Happy weekend!


Lara said...

I went to check that whale out too! So cute!!! Bf LOVES whales so I'm always on the hunt for x-mas gifts.

Isn't Where the Lovely Things Are great?

Amber @ Not Mommy said...

I really hope my sense of smell tones itself down for Fall. It's the only time of the year that I love scented candles! HMMMMM pumpkin spice! Will have to go give yours a sniff next time I'm in the mall :-)