Monday, October 31, 2011

Greetings from The Falconer

I almost didn't dress up this year because craft fair stuff has got me so busy. But when I got this idea, I figured it wouldn't be that hard or that expensive. I was right. I borrowed the Toddland flannel from my friend Kristine. The vest is my dad's. It's what he wears when he's being fancy. And my "falconry glove" was made from a pair of $3 gardening gloves and a couple pieces of felt. I drew myself some super thick hairy eyebrows, because a wilderness woman and rare bird enthusiast doesn't bother with facial hair manicuring. I also created this smile just for my costume - it's called "modest pride". I washed my hair last night, slept on it wet and then didn't fix it in the morning. Weird lighting and iPhone picture are making me look all ghostly, but that's ok because it's Halloween...

In other news... it's the last week before Patchwork and I am half excited and half scared. I made the mistake of doing a flickr search for craft fair table and booth set ups and displays, and some of them are so good. And some of the people have so much stuff to sell. That's the part that really freaks me out. But I just remind myself that some of the crazier set ups are by people who have done lots of shows, and maybe even some people make a living out of what they make, therefore have a large stock. And then I feel better. I am going to keep it pretty simple this first time.


Lara said...

"modest pride" I just laughed my ass off.

this was the best costume I saw... the bf and I may have to steal it next year!

OT and ET said...

I just fell hopelessly in love with you for like the fiftieth time. You are amazing. Cacaw!