Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clownin' Around

1. Jepetto necklace, Old Gold Boutique, $52.   2. Pom pom bag, Hansel From Basel, $32.  3. Girly chiffon bow,, $25.  4. Circus tent brooch, Candy Bandits etsy shop, $30.  5. Clown pin (vintage), Metals In Time etsy shop, $16.50.  Chiffon pom pom hair pin set,, $25.

On a side note, a gal named Kaitlyn who runs the isavirtue etsy shop and blog contacted me to be a part of her e-course called “Make Art (A Part of Your Life)”. I have a little project in there that shows you how to use markers like watercolors. If you are interested, she is offering 26% off this week in honor of her 26th birthday. Happy birthday!

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Lara said...

you're freaking me out man