Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun with camera phone - Thanksgiving weekend edition

Zoey learned about turkey. "Dat my turkey, mama! Dat my gobble! Mmmm turkey!" (She wouldn't eat any though)

Made these "sparkling cranberry brie bites" I saw on Pinterest, via yummymummykitchen. They were a big hit! I will make them again before the holiday season is over.

Fall leaves and tree, on a pre-Thanksgiving feast walk.

Brobee goes for a swim in some maple syrup. Then goes for a swim in the washing machine.

Zoey got to pick veggies from Rachael's garden. Carrot, yummy. Beet, not so much. But the beet drool that dribbled down her chin afterward made her look like a vampire.

Went to the eye doctor because I keep seeing a blurry spot when I stare at the computer. The good news is, the doctor said I have the closest to perfect vision he's seen in his office. The okay news is it appears to be just a floater. The dumb news is, sometimes people have floaters in their field of vision for the rest of their lives.

Went to a really cute birthday party for twin girls, and Zoey had a blast playing in their backyard and eating watermelon slices. She was exhausted at bed time.

Did some Christmas shopping at the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Fair in Santa Ana. I was a vendor at the one in Long Beach, but didn't have much of a chance to shop. This is my favorite purchase by a group of ladies called Sewn Clever. When I looked at their website later, I found out they are all moms, which made me love it even more.


Anonymous said...

I got a floater that showed up a few months ago in my right eye. I sit at a computer all day (I'm a graphic designer) and it drives me crazy sometimes, especially when I'm scanning text for little stuff like em dashes, or too many spaces. I got checked out and my vision is great. I got the same info as you: that it could go away in a little while, or it could stick around forever. Yuck!

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Mine is my right eye too! We suffer from the same affliction.

Lara said...

Never heard of this floater problem. What a bunch of suckage!

I'm so impressed that Z is such a lil veggie muncher!

It's weird for me to think of leaves changing in Cali! I'm glad you guys get that too!