Friday, November 4, 2011

It's finally Patchwork weekend!

 It's Patchwork weekend! Here is a sampling of what I will be selling. Pictured above: zipper pouches, laser cut wood brooches, and hand painted wood heart brooches. The hearts are my favorite!

Hand-sewn plushies and pretties to hang on your wall! I have a few more plushies besides these. And more big ones.

Tote bags with custom prints designed by me! I only have 12 of these because they are kind of expensive to make, and since I'm not sure how they will sell (since it's my first time trying to sell anything), I didn't want to go overboard. I am hoping they do well because I have SO many ideas for prints floating around in my head, and so many ideas for little added touches I would like to do for them next time.

And in case you need a reminder:

I would also love to share what my friends are making! I will be sharing a booth with "Jsong" (Jennifer Song), who will be selling lots of cute creations with her My Buddles characters.

And below, a few things created by my friend Juanita, who sells under the name Mea Makamae. Juanita repurposes vintage fabric and makes bags, pillow cases, wall art, and more. She also collects vintage glassware and uses it to make candles. Her space is not shared with ours (you can only share 2 to a space), but it is near ours!

Weeeeeee! Wish us luck!


Lara said...

Your table is going to be so fun and colorful and you're gonna have a blast! Can't wait to hear tweets about how it's going!

Where on earth is Jsong getting her notepads made?

the grumbles said...

the heart brooches! the BAGS! good luck, i'm sure you will do great. if you don't i will buy all your leftover shit.

Cameron said...

Loooove those heart brooches! Have a great time and good luuuuck!!!! :)

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Lara - she actually makes them herself! She found some special glue that is used for notepads so you can peel the sheets off. She prints the pages out, has them cut at a copy shop since they have large paper cutters and can cut many sheets at once, then she glues them together!

Jamie and Cameron - Thanks my lovely lady lumps <3

the corbett kid. said...

i would come if i could but i can't. you'll have fun regardless. :)

Backwards Amber said...

When you're done, if you don't sell it all....I want a bag and a plushy, and a print :-)

Isis said...

Definitely open etsy shop with your leftovers so the rest of us can buy your stuff! I want a print and a plushie!

Caposhi said...

Heyyyyy! So glad I got to 'meet' you at Patchwork! Are you doing the other shows? I'm doing both like a crazy lady and I sure as hell hope you are two because like a DUMMY I forgot to come back and buy your mustard/black drip drop bag and its haunted me since I got my ass in the car! I was gonna ask you if you were interested in trading anything for it - you know free stuff right? But if you'd prefer that greeen I'll DEF hand over some cash! Stat! Stat stat stat!

Please tell me it can still be mine! Oh and ps - your stuff continues to rule. Hard.

XO - Stajia

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...


Yes! Yay for making friends! You are so brave doing both. Just doing that one took up all my free time the past few weeks. I am so relieved it’s over! I want to do the one in May though.

Let’s trade, because I swear I was going to email you about one of your necklaces I saw and loved. I happened to glance at the price tag and it was $28 which is exactly how much I was selling my bags for! So it works out perfect :D

I will email you!