Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More preppin' for Patchwork

Pardon my photos, I took them at night, inside, and then tried to make them look not as bad by instagramming them. Earlier this week I mentioned how I had been looking up photos from craft fairs to see how people set up their tables, and how some people had so much stuff to sell. I got worried that I wouldn’t have enough. Not like I think I will sell a lot, I just don’t want my tables to look sparse. But I laid out a few things and took a photo. The top photo isn’t even a quarter of my stuff and it still looks full and okay. So I feel much better! The bottom picture is what will become hang tags. I think once I reach the point where I am putting hang tags on things, that will mean I am prepared. Important things I still need to do are price everything, get a stamp made (if I have time), and make an inventory list. I am feeling good! If I have time tomorrow, I will take better photos of some of the items I will be selling.


Lori Anderson said...

I'm intrigued -- something cool is definitely going on!

Lara said...

You are kicking so much ass on this! I had no idea you were going to do so much branding for your first sale but it's prolly best to just get it done and start it off right!
Love the tags!