Monday, November 21, 2011

Skinny Laminx... On my wishlist

This year, my side of the family will be doing a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. We decided to spend our money on the kids and then buy a gift for one other person. The great thing is we won't end up dropping $1000 on Christmas, and (with a $100 limit) you can buy someone one really great gift. 

Part of this exchange is making a list of some things your Secret Santa can give you. The first thing on my list was a small food processor (hate dragging out the big one for small jobs), and just when I was about to add new cookware, I stopped and thought, "What the heck am I doing?" I can totally justify buying myself those things. I need to ask for the things I always admire but can't bring myself to spend money on. Like fancy hand screened linens and $30 soy candles, right?

The first thing I thought of was the Skinny Laminx shop I am always browsing and pinning items from. I have admired Heather Moore's work for so long, it's about time some of it ended up in my home. So I scratched out the food processor, and now the first thing on my list is napkins or tea towels from Skinny Laminx!


Lara said...

Damn right go for the good stuff!

I love that your fam is so sensible to do this!

That pillow is awesome!

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

My friend Paul's family does this every year and I've always thought it was so cool. You can buy someone lots of little things or one big thing. This year money is tight for most people, so it just makes sense. I hope we do it this way from now on.