Monday, November 7, 2011

We did it!!

We did it, we did it! We got through our first Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Fair. My sales were just okay, but Jsong who shared a tent with me? Her stuff blew out! I was proud of the way our tables looked, and even though it was our first time, I felt like it didn’t look like it. A lot of people looked at my stuff and took my business card!

It was pouring rain during set up so there was the challenge of getting the tent up, trying to put our table linens on without them getting wet (impossible), getting everything set up and unpacked, but also keeping our merchandise dry. I think it was one of the worst possible scenarios for a craft fair, however I also think that setting up for a craft fair will be so easy next time in comparison. Glass half full, baby. Luckily my friend Kristine and Jsong’s husband found the nearest Target and went and bought a bunch fo $2 shower curtains, so we had clear plastic all around or tent. When the rain stopped, we just opened and tied it back like curtains. It’s a good thing they give you 3 hours to set up or else we would not have had time to do that. 

I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of things for next time. One thing we both agreed on is that a 10x10 tent was too small for both of us because we both had so much stuff. Next time we are going to do our own tents and hopefully we will end up near each other. Still, we are glad we got this first one out of the way together because it was way less intimidating knowing that we had a partner.  I also need to learn to sell myself a little more. I get so afraid of being overbearing and annoying that I maybe just don’t say enough at all. I will work on that for next time. 

I look forward to trying this again in May!


the grumbles said...

turned out awesome! your stuff, i mean. good sales in bad weather is a miracle. ETSY LISTINGS PLEASE. (my Mom did the craft/art show circuit for YEARS. i used to help staff her both. rainy shows were the absolute worst ever.)

Cameron said...

So happy that your first show went well! And by well I don't mean in sales, but that you're happy with the way it went and you learned a ton and are confident and excited to do it again. Considering selling your own stuff is HARD, and you had to do it in the RAIN, that is a major accomplishment. Rock on, sister! And yes yes yes, please list on Etsy. :)

Sarah said...

I want! I want! I want a heart button! With the dark pink and lighter pink! I WILL PAY YOU NOW!

patience said...

oh my gosh kelly, i know everything you are describing. i just started craft shows myself this past summer and it's been such a major learning experience each time. every time things get better. in particular, there's this craft show/diy event where guests come and the main idea is for you to lead them in a craft. you can also sell some stuff at the side of your table space. the last one was so crazy i'm glad the husband was there because he had to keeping a waiting list and hold up number to rotate people in and out of our space. there's another one this thursday and you can bet we are approaching it like a military mission!

i could have sworn you had an etsy shop?? i can't find a link to it on your blog however. your stuff is so indie and beautiful and well finished you just HAVE to sell it online!

Backwards Amber said...

I'm so excited for you! The first time is so hard with anything new, but you learned so much & you made money & you have goodies leftover for us!