Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some things I like right now...

This perfectly green purse from Urban Outfitters, $58.

Plaid dress by Dear Creatures.

Fairisle beanie from Topshop. If you put those 3 things together, it would appear that I am super into looking like a hobo right now. This is not far from true.

At work, we were talking about how passionate people are about Christmas music. They either really really love it, or they just really can't stand it. I love it, and this is my favorite Christmas album. 

My favorite song from that album.

Haha you can't unsee that! How bummed are you right now? Above is a picture of my hand in 2009. They call these "flappers" and you get them from doing a lot of pull ups. I almost always had at least one of these. They suck, but strangely, I missed them. So I rejoined my CrossFit gym. Okay, maybe I don't miss the flappers. But I do miss getting my ass handed to me at the gym, and CrossFit is definitely the place for that. Last night was my first night back in over a year. It was brutal and now I have t-rex arms. Meaning I can't stretch them out. Also I was wheezing for hours after it was over, which is a sign that a) I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I needed, and b) homegirl needs to get a new inhaler.


Backwards Amber said...

I've never been able to do a pull-up. EVER. I want to do Crossfit even more now that I might be able to do that someday. LOL.

BTW OMG T-Rex arms?!? Totally picturing that now.

Lara said...

I love that color bag! Deux Lux makes really great bags. I got one on eBay and it's held up really well.

You'd be the cutest hobo ever!
Good for you for kicking some gym ass again!

the grumbles said...

oh puhlease, i will knit you a hat like that.