Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some things I like right now

These adorable polkadot Chie Mihara shoes.

Tea towels in a perfect color palette from Studio Patro.

Rhys Ottoman from Anthropologie.

Kartell gnome table/stool. I would definitely put this in Xanadu.

I've been eating super ridiculously healthy. Like chicken and salad all day every day. If I were going to splurge right this second, I'd want some sort of caramelized onion tart or flatbread, like this one from Simply Recipes.

And maybe some pine nut cookies. I love pine nut cookies. These ones are from Shockingly Delicious.


Lara said...

OMG those shoes. Seriously. OMG.
Never had pine nut cookies! They sound really good and I'm gonna have to try that tart soon! You're making me hongray!

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

The pine nut cookies are SO good! They remind me of being on our honeymoon. We went to San Francisco and visited a bakery in North Beach (which is their "Little Italy") and that's where I first tried them. I've never made them though.