Thursday, February 9, 2012

...Fun with camera phone? What?

I've been calling this regular feature "Fun with camera phone" because I had fun experimenting with different photo apps when I first got my iPhone. But it's kind of evolved into little glimpses of my/our life. So I think it needs a new name. What say you, eenternetz? I suppose I could just go with "Glimpses"? Is that lame skies? "Snapshots"?

We've been enjoying some really nice weather.


Here is Zoey staring deep into a water fountain at Irvine Spectrum. I have zero shame in telling you how much I love Irvine Spectrum. If you don’t live around these parts, Irvine Spectrum is a big outdoor mall. Lots of shops and places to eat, places to sit and people watch, a movie theater, a giant ferris wheel, and a carousel. When Zoey was first born and I was on maternity leave and I found myself bored to death and just needed to get out of the house, I'd pack her up and we'd go to the Spectrum and just meander around. She loved being outside, and I loved that it made the day seem to go by a bit faster. Not to say that I didn't enjoy those newborn days, but when you are in the trenches (and home alone), they do seem long.

A visit to The Cheese Shop at OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa. Here is a recent article about The Cheese Shop from the Daily Pilot.

A window full of Rody, at Plastica in L.A.

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