Monday, February 20, 2012


I just loved this light fixture. I always see light fixtures I love, but they require being wired into the ceiling, and we are renters so... no. This one was just a hanging light fixture with a regular plug. It was very tempting, but I didn't buy it. It would have been too expensive for an impulse buy. I'd need a plan first. It's huge!

These are pretty creepy. Notice that their "stands" are actually the tops of their cut-off heads!

Hey now.

This little cutie came home with me and is now hanging in Zoey's play room, but on a wall where it is still visible from the rest of Xanadu so that I can enjoy it. Kyle thinks it's kind of creepy.

I love all this colored glass. I didn't buy any though. It doesn't really go with that whole trying-to-declutter-and-simplify thing I've got going on right now. But I do love the way it looks when it's all grouped together, like here at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs (scroll to bottom of the post linked).


Gracie said...

I actually really like those dolls head planters! Have you seen this? It's one of my favourite ever photo shoots I think

Lara said...

Love that lil painting! It IS creepy but in a good way!

Omg I want to hang lamps everywhere! We did a lightweight IKEA one in the bathroom and used these things to keep it all tidy: