Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some things I like right now... Home edition

I can't say that I love every single detail of this photo (via amsterdam modern). Actually the thing I really don't like is the lamp. But what I do love is the vibe. It is eclectic and grown up, but still has that mid-century feeling with the credenza. 

My tastes have totally shifted over the past few years. While I once coveted spaces like this, I now find them a bit too kitschy and "retro". I still get really excited seeing rooms where people have painstakingly curated an entirely vintage room in one style, but for my own home it feels too much like the room is wearing a costume. 

Lately I've loved looking at warm and cozy rooms with elements of mid-century, eclectic, even farmhousey (I love the look of rustic, reclaimed wood), a mix of new modern items and vintage items, and occasionally I even like ethnic touches, like Moroccan motifs (like our dining room rug). I still love lots of color. Every time I try to "tone it down", it never works. I am always drawn to bright things. I also still love silly/whimsical things, like this jackalope trophy head I just bought over the weekend. 

In the end, I enjoy a room that looks like it's evolved over time and is lived in, but stylish. I am still working on getting our home to this point. To it's "grown up" state. So far the only room I really love is our dining room. The rest is full of stuff we've acquired over the years. I'm in no hurry, though, because whatever our home looks like, it will be covered in toys. :)

I love these pillows that were featured on Design*Sponge yesterday, from the Sukan etsy shop. I love the rich color, and the juxtaposition of the basic polkadot print on luxurious fabric.

This ball pendant light (via Matter) is awesome. It's also ridiculously expensive. But nice to look at.

Geo planters designed by Kelly Lamb, handmade in California. Available from Decurate.

New Orla Kiely garden items, available at Wild & Wolf.


Carly said...

The blue/grey Orla planter is my favorite. I have pillow covers that match that print, but I kill plants with neglect, so I'm not sure it would work out.

The house you linked to is cute, but it would stress me out too much to live there. Better decor for a tiki bar, or a kitchy shop.

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Exactly! It's wearing a tiki bar costume.

Amber @ Backwards Life said...

I'm loving those planters.
I used to decorate, like hang curtains, photos, art....this house is so neglected. I can't get a vibe because I don't feel right here.