Monday, March 5, 2012


I painted these frames white. They were originally green, but not good green.

Cold office.

I went through a big storage bin of almost 7 years worth of work so that I could pull some of my favorite pieces for the online portfolio I plan on having soon.

We took Zoey to the LA zoo. She wasn't as into it as we had hoped! We'll just go to the Santa Ana Zoo next time since it's closer and cheaper.

I'm kind of obsessed with the grapefruit lemongrass salad from East Borough. It's like a flavor explosion in muh mouf. I eat it so often, I'm afraid the girl who works there might think I'm weird.

I have a lot of these for some reason.

Zooming in on a small part of a wall mural at The Lab.

I filled out my application for the next Patchwork show!

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Lara said...

Love those crewel work birds at the top! My mom used to sit for hours and do that kind of embroidery. It's getting popular again!