Monday, March 12, 2012

Working on my portfolio

Two weekends ago, I went through my boxes and boxes of samples and chose some things to photograph for my portfolio. This past weekend, I set up a little photo shoot area with a white backdrop, and photographed them. The last time I had to show my portfolio was 7 years ago. Crazy, right? My problem back then was not enough work to show, and my problem now is so much work it's hard to choose what I want to show! Here are a few of my favorites.
Cloud and raindrop print.

Toddland "Bikes" tee.

Julius ikat print. One of my favorite challenges at PF has been designing graphics for the more fashion-forward groups. Particularly, how to take an icon that (these days) is primarily thought of as something for kids, and age him up to at least a juniors level.

I really like this 80s-inspired group, and the photo turned out great, but I wonder if the print is too simple to showcase in a portfolio. Especially when I have insane hand drawn prints like this vintage-inspired paint-by-numbers board short print for Generic Youth:

It's probably a good idea to show both types of prints.

Is your portfolio current? Do you have any favorite online portfolios?


Lara said...

Love how things are photographing. Yeah... that set did look simple compared to everything else. I know nothing about this stuff so, go with your instincts!

I love seeing your work!
Thought that first pic was a pile of panties at first! Ha!

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Thanks! I actually need the feedback. I might run some more photos past you and anyone else who wants to help. And you have a filthy, dirty mind. And that's why I like you.

CarlyRM said...

I'd be happy to help too. I think that you should go overboard to start and then edit. Plus if you have to show things to specific people, it helps to have different portfolios or groupings for those audiences. I would tend to favor a portfolio that shows a good range, and if you are doing something online, maybe show the whole shirt, and then a detail shot or two. I also like things that you can tell a good story about, like you did with the ikat print wallet. That shows you can think things through strategically, rather than just throw some monkey faces on a shirt and call it a day (so to speak). This will also help you sound smart and with it to potential clients and they will want to hire you.

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Thanks Carly! I was definitely thinking of you when I said I wanted to run it past anyone who wants to help. :D