Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Iron Press in Costa Mesa

It's hard not to compare The Iron Press to Bruxie, since they are the only 2 waffle sandwich places in Orange County. But I'm not going to. Because I am just so stoked we live in a place that has more than one option for waffle sandwiches. There are people who have no waffle sandwiches. Feel sorry for them.

These waffles are so good. The fried chicken waffle sandwich is topped with cole slaw and jalapeƱo maple syrup. The prosciutto and gruyere was loaded up, and when you get a bite that's extra stone-ground-mustardy, it's like a little bite of heaven. Or the final dancing/rollerskating scene in Xanadu. Same thing, am I right?

The Iron Press is located at The OC Mart Mix, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. Seating is at a long bar that spans the length of the restaurant, so I would recommend this to parties of 2-4. Or order to go and grab a spot outside in the center courtyard or one of the tables inside the mart.

3321 Hyland Ave Suite E (next to Waiiha Sushi)


Lara said...

Feel sorry for me! There was a chicken and waffles place that opened in a sketch part of town and I never made it there before it closed. Ahhhh! Woe is me and lack of waffle sammiches!

You always get the best food!

Abbott said...

We just went there too! We topped the whole thing off with the Guinness float and it was soo good :)

Kelly (Let's Die Friends) said...

Ooh is this THEE Abbottron visiting me? Yay! They should make a scented candle of the way that place smells when you walk inside.