Friday, June 8, 2012

Some things I like right now

A colorful kitchen and dining area, via La mason d'Anna G.

A friend of mine suggested that I start following Forage LA on Facebook for all the yummy-looking photos they post of their food. Their menu changes often, depending on what's in season and locally available. Even if I never make my way over there to eat, looking at the photos sure did inspire me to cook.

I just bought this green table from CB2! It was on sale, and we've been looking for a long and low table to go below the window in our living room. I was hesitant at first because I prefer wood over metal, but it is my favorite color! It will arrive next week some time.

This picnic photo by Jennifer Causey has me all excited to have picnics this summer. 

This one is a double whammy. Not only do I love all these knitted pieces by Emma Dime, but I LOVE her model's hair. Probably because it looks very similar to my own hair in color and cut, except that hers actually looks styled. So if I were willing to put in a little extra effort... I could maybe have this hair too? Please?

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Lara said...

Yay! You got the green table! You know I love painted metal. I think it may be because my dad made super formal Chippendale reproduction furniture and you could never set a glass down on it and it always got beat up and I got yelled at. Ha!

Pic-a-nics! Yes!!!

Oh, you can TOTALLY do that with your hair!!