Friday, July 20, 2012


We went to go watch roller derby again. Part of me wants to join. but the other part of me is a big pansy. 

Mama and Zoey matching jammies.

I got a steam burn on my fingers and the pain was unbearable. I was told to put a pickle on it. Then someone else said mustard. And while my fingers would have been delicious on a ciabatta bun, they still hurt like hell. I read online that putting aluminum foil on a burn helps. I can now vouch for this method!

Limited edition Gooble plush doll! My friend Paul got me one at Comic Con. And by "me" I mean Zoey, even though I totally want to steal it from her.


Lara said...

foil too? and it worked?
My mom had lidoderm patches that were these transdermal gel pain patches you could cut to size and put on aches and pains instead of taking more pills.

I once burned the crap out of my finger and bandaged a small square on. It eliminated the pain in like 2 minutes AND healed it completely in a day! No blister, nothing.
Of course, they're a prescription and they now make you jump through a zillion hoops of maxing out your meds with a doctor's letter before insurance will pay for them or they cost a fortune. Such bullshit! Everyone should be able to get that stuff over the counter!

Sarah said...

I totally want to join derby.

the corbett kid. said...

love the gooble doll. i could totally see sarah joining derby. your poor fingers.